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Scoring and Sandusky

I know that logically the next post should be more about fantasy and females, but I just don’t feel like writing about that right now. However, I do feel like writing about scoring and how it changes a fans’ perception.

According to ESPN scoring in the NFL has averaged between 22 and 21 points (per team). The MLS averages about 2.5 goals per game according to some random site that came up when I googled it. The NHL averages 5.5 goals per game not including shoot-outs ( took a lot longer to find). In MLB the average score per team was 4.5, it was little higher in the AL.

Now I love the NFL. I am excited for the random team and player to come out of nowhere and be awesome. I can’t wait for the Jets to explode or implode. ‘Hardknocks’ will be great. The Bengals will be alright (superbowl). NFL is a sports fans dream. Seriously. Every game is engaging, specially with fantasy. Anyway, people are stupid. I am tired of hearing arguments against other sports about scoring being too low, or that it is too slow.

On average, if you watched an NFL game, you would see 6 touchdowns total. It doesn’t matter if the touchdown counts for 6, it is still one score. Scoring was about the same in the NHL and the MLB scored more on avg. Arguments can be made that the NFL is the most captivating sport in the world, and they might be fair. However, you are making a stupid argument if you believe that the NFL is high-scoring and is fast paced. It simply is not. If that were the requirements for being the best sport to watch, the NBA would run away with the TV ratings. The Finals got around a 10 HH rating, which is good, but nothing too special for a championship series.


I know a lot has been written on Sandusky, so hopefully this is a different point-of-view. It has come to light that the athletic department, as well as Paterno was well aware of what was happening. So, with that in mind I think there are some things that should happen. Paterno should not be given any awards. He should not be in a hall of fame or anything of the sort. His wins should have an asterisk, and he should be essentially forgotten. The fallout of this is disgusting. It is obvious that many people turned their heads because they believed that winning was more important than what was happening. What is even more disturbing is that this is real..

read it.

It is about a lawyer that has been missing, and body has never been found. He appears to have tried to blow the whistle years ago on Sandusky. In 1998 Sandusky stepped down from the charity under alligations of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT WITH A MINOR. Are You kidding me? This raised no eyebrows? Oh, except for the attorney that is missing. Paterno was inline to make $590,000 on fees and %15 of $125 million on a project with Sandusky and The Second Mile brass. Paterno was in the thick of everything. I think this is more disgusting because of recent conversation I had with a PSU alum. I was at a professional convention, and struck a convo up with a PSU grad. It was a sport convention, so immediately this all came up. I asked what he thought of everything. I was genuinely interested to get someone’s take that was around it all. He said he loves Paterno, but Sandusky and Mcqueary were widely hated. I was probably lucky I was called away to talk to someone else, because I am sure he saw the moment I lost faith in humanity. I love LSU, I defend their sports until death. I still think Alabama sucks and was lucky to get a rematch. Greg Williams deserves his suspension, but not for the bounty thing, but for helping Alabama prepare for LSU. Any person that has went to, or likes Alabama football is a terrible person that deserves to stub their toe everyday. Les Miles is the uncle we all wish we had, and no LSU player has ever done anything bad. Except for Jordan Jefferson, being on a football field should be a crime for him. Weird tangent. Sorry. My point is, if something like that happened at LSU, I would be the first with a torch and pitchfork. I love sports, and hope to make a career out of it all, but there are a few small things that significance over winning.


Fantasy, Football, and Females

I am aware of something as rare as Haley’s comet. I know five intelligent, attractive, USA lovin’, carb hatin’, country music rockin’, females that played a full season, successfully (sort of) of fantasy football. I even have proof. I hacked (was given the login information) into the league and therefore have a lot of information at my disposal. The stats combined with first and second-hand accounts of the goings on in the league have painted a pretty clear picture. In my opinion, how the league started and ended is in so many ways a microcosm of interpersonal relationships between 20s-something girls.

The Participants

Team names are as such: The Cut Throat B, Team Schulte, Big Trouble Little China, The E-Wowzer’s, and Team Buchholz.

The names alone should give it away: One person was way more into it than the others, more evidence to follow. Best name easily is Big Trouble Little China, mainly because it is a play on her ethnicity, good job. Worst is The E-Wowzer’s. Making up words is only acceptable for Drake and Chris Berman.

The Cut Throat B: Commissioner of the league. White. Hyper-competitive–winning (and #winning) is very important in all aspects of everyday life. Grew up playing sports. Reasonable knowledge of football, but still enjoys much of the sport because of colors, tightness of pants, and cuteness of players (true of all participants).

Team Schulte: Not much knowledge of football. White. Active, but not in a sports manner (she’s the running type). Prefers things her way much more than others. Likely played due to demand of others and fear of exclusion. Actively sought help of more experienced male fantasy football players aka gave her login info to her brother-in-law. Most likely to be angry about this blog.

Big Trouble Little China: Favorite team is the 49ers. Not white. Very musically talented. Little known knowledge of football. Borderline tomboy. Loves V-necks and jeans almost more than the many coffee shops she has worked at.

The E-Wowzer’s: Bubbly. Southern. White. Was voted most likely to forget to spend the 2 minutes it takes to set a lineup in a week. Bubbly.

Team Buchholz: Blue (and orange) blooded Broncos fan. White. Reasonable knowledge of football attained while an undergrad at USC. Only member to not live with the others. Easy going fun-loving. Probably enjoyed the idea of watching games together and having an excuse to drink beer more than the idea of fantasy football itself.

All similar in ideas of fun and connected in varying ways through a local religious establishment.

The Beginning

The genesis of this idea was for the group to do something fun and new together, in order to grow closer as friends. A noble quest for anyone, however, one that has nothing to do with football whatsoever. To their credit, a guy’s motivation to participate in Fantasy is often to satisfy his need prove himself superior to his friends and rub consequential wins in his friends’ faces whenever possible. My, the insights into gender differences one can garner through Fantasy. But anyways, back to the league–founded on the tenants of fellowship and bonding, the girls set out to welcome more members into their little sorority. However, finding additional females who desired to take part in an all-female fantasy football league proved less likely than Ryan Tannehill being a legitimate QB. So, although attempts were made to expand the league they had to settle on five teams. Five. Not six. Not four. Not any possible even number. Five.

The Draft

On a crisp autumn night, four of the five gathered together to do the draft. (You will notice one girl being left out becomes a common theme throughout the duration of the league.) Picturing this peculiar event in my head, I can only imagine there was some wine and a showing of Gossip Girl involved pre-draft. Micheal Buble was playing softly in the background. A rampant discussion of who is the cutest quarterback and which team has the most flattering colors ensued. I assume they then proceeded to decide who got to draft first with a girl-on-girl pillow fight. Ok so maybe I’m putting a little too much fantasy into the Fantasy Draft, but I think you get the point–

This league was a standard scoring league.

The first five rounds are as follows:

Round: 1
(1) The Cut Throat B – Adrian Peterson RB
(2) The E-Wowzer’s – Chris Johnson RB
(3) Big Trouble Little China – Jamaal Charles RB
(4) Team schulte – Arian Foster RB
(5) Team Buchholz – Ray Rice RB

Round: 2
(6) Team Buchholz – Aaron Rodgers QB
(7) Team schulte – Drew Brees QB
(8) Big Trouble Little China – LeSean McCoy RB
(9) The E-Wowzer’s – Maurice Jones-Drew RB
(10) The Cut Throat B – Philip Rivers QB

Round: 3
(11) The Cut Throat B – Darren McFadden RB
(12) The E-Wowzer’s – Andre Johnson WR
(13) Big Trouble Little China – Michael Vick QB
(14) Team schulte – Rashard Mendenhall RB
(15) Team Buchholz – Matt Forte RB*

Round: 4
(16) Team Buchholz – Michael Turner RB
(17) Team schulte – Frank Gore RB
(18) Big Trouble Little China – Roddy White WR
(19) The E-Wowzer’s – Greg Jennings WR
(20) The Cut Throat B – Larry Fitzgerald WR

Round: 5
(21) The Cut Throat B – Calvin Johnson WR
(22) The E-Wowzer’s – Hakeem Nicks WR
(23) Big Trouble Little China – Steven Jackson RB
(24) Team schulte – Mike Wallace WR
(25) Team Buchholz – Vincent Jackson WR

*It must be noted that the biggest reason Matt Forte was drafted 15th overall is that Team Buchholz has a friend that dated Forte. So, although the ESPN draft app helped the process, who dated who was a significant factor.

The Season

Many issues occurred early in the season. Managers were unaware they could alter their lineup, a fact the Commissioner strategically (passive-aggressively?) neglected to share. Adding and dropping players??? Almost as complicated as girls themselves. During the entire season, only one trade occurred, more on that later.

As with many things, in the beginning the participants were very involved and focused on the task at hand. In fact, Fantasy consumed many social functions. For example, a bible study was in place on Monday nights. Obviously, there was a scheduling conflict of MNF and the Bible. However, being the expert multi-taskers that women often are, the girls decided to watch the Monday night game and then do a bible study, which turned into watching just Monday night football. Interesting.

More segments to come. This post had many people contribute. My buddy didn’t believe this happened until I should him the league.


Cubs, Basketball, Concussion, and Seau

 This was my prediction of the Cubs lineup before Free Agency (I was very wrong)

SS Castro

2B Barney

1B Fielder

3B Ramirez

RF Colvin (I hope)

LF Soriano 😦

C Soto

RF Byrd

(I had two RF’s)


They aren’t quit as bad as I thought they might be (13-18).  However, Marmol is solely responsible for 3 losses at least.  Look at Dempster’s stats, absurd at 1.02 ERA 36 Ks and .85 Whip, he has 0 wins at this point.  Truthfully, they probably should be .500 right now, but the bullpen is pathetic.

The Lineup typically looks like…

DeJesus RF, Campana CF, Castro SS, LaHair 1B, Soriano LF, Stewart 3B, Soto C, , Barney 2B.


I was more than off, but LaHair, Campana, and of course Castro look like big league players.  Even Soriano has acted like a major leaguer.

Not even the most ardent Cub can can sanely argue they have a shot.  However, maybe they can swing Dempster, LaHair, and maybe Soriano for a prospect or two?  Sorinao’s Chris Bridge’s of a contract is the biggest hurdle for him to be dealt, but still is possible.

I think the reason behind trading those three is sound, Dempster (35) and Soriano (36) are old, even baseball old.  LaHair (29) could be reasonably argued.  He has shown pop, and you could throw him in left if they ever swindle someone to take Soriano, but the Cubs are a few years away, and if he keeps it up could command a B+ prospect in return from a contending team.  Besides, you have to assume that the Cubs will bring up Rizzo and Jackson at some point, so Rizzo at 1st and Jackson in Center mean that either one of Jackson or Campana need to play LF.  If they keep LaHair and call up those two there wont be enough room.



I would be willing to bet the farm the Lakers win game 7.  David Stern is more corrupt than that late 30 something at the YMCA that calls phantom fouls when his team is about to lose, or he embarrassingly lets someone score on him.  He is more corrupt than the 1919 White (Black) Sox.  Stern is more corrupt than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries.  Stern is more corrupt than my high school baseball coach that wouldn’t let me pitch because ‘There were no other catchers on the team’.  (I’m digging deep). 

You think Stern is getting way too ‘excited’ about the prospect of Kobe v Harden and KD?  (I don’t like Westbrook, and have a crush on Harden)  If it is close look for calls, and no-calls, to go the Lakers way.

Also, I HATE Kobe, HATE, the capitals are reserved for raged hatred.  Everything inside of me thinks he was trying to have a MJ flu moment, and they lost.  Also, has no one paid attention to his shooting?  Game 1: 11-24 Game 2: 15-29 Game 3: 7-23 Game 4: 10-25 Game 5: 14-32 Game 6: 13-23 Series FG %: .449.  He is also shooting .325 from 3.  He is also committing flagrant cheap fouls on Nugget forwards.  I do hate Kobe and think he is massively overrated, he has never won without elite players around him.  That is a different discussion, but I will admit he hits ridiculously hard shots in the 4th quarter.  It is impressive he can play so badly all series and everyone knows he may still hit a 25 ft fade away with a dude in his grill.  Pass?  No way, if he can get away with rape he can get away with throwing up 30+ a game.

The Lakers add king thug in Ronald Artest for game 7.  I hate him too.

Clip are done.  I think the Grizz are a pretty tough matchup, but they just don’t have it.  Nick Young and Mo Williams need to be able to make love with the basket from behind the arc, but don’t.  Blake is starting to develop, and if Christopher can be convinced they can win in ’13-’14 they could have a squad.



It was just as awesome as it always is.

Bruce Irvin?  Good one Pete.

I know the NFL is increasingly becoming a QB driven league, but there is no hope for Tannehill.  If he is even an acceptable QB, 90 percent of the world will be surprised.

Now, we all know having a good QB is necessary to win, so it is hard to judge them too harshly if they truly believe he can be, but Matt Moore is acceptable.  It’s not like Miami is a QB away from contending, they could have had Kuechly, Brockers, Cox, Gilmore and shored up a need and have a player that is more likely to be an above average player.  Look what the Browns did.  Take a sure-fire stud RB in Richardson, then trade up for Weeden, while older, most believe to be an answer at QB for at least 5 years. 

This year, I think it is kind of hard to not like most team’s draft, except for the Dolphins and Seahawks.

I know I am a bit biased, but I love Morris Claiborne.  If you haven’t heard this you should…

A lot of times it seems like these guys don’t know what they have in front of them, or seem entitled.  He seems really humble and reacts like most think they would in the situation.


Are football players going to stop playing because of this? no.  No one is forcing them to play.  The biggest problem for a lot of the guys, is how they live while playing, like rock stars.  They also don’t know how to transition from playing to normalcy.  It is a stupid argument to have.  Football isn’t going anywhere.  The only sensible thing someone has said was by, Marcellus Wiley maybe?  He said that once someone has a concussion they should be required to sit for at least 1 game.  The other side of that is that players may not admit they are concussed.  I just find it very hard to sympathize with anyone who is made a millionaire to play a game for a living.



This is a personal view on the Seau situation that might be a bit different, and considered insensitive.  Today there is a celebration of his life in San Diego, very cool of the Chargers and the community to do that.  By all accounts, he was a great person, that loved people around him, and was very charismatic.  Many people seemed genuinely upset that he is gone, and that goes to show his positive affect on people.  However, he took his own life.  He took the easy and selfish way out.  One act shouldn’t change everything else one did in their life, but personally, I just don’t believe that his act should be celebrated.  Many believe he shot himself in the chest so his brain could be studied.  I just don’t believe that a person doesn’t think the beatings he takes will effect his body in some way.  No way a football player doesn’t know the risks, e.g. Eric LaGrand and many others.  This is a weird comparison, but there is a reason the US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, because if they do people will target the US.  Celebrating suicide can romanticize. it.  It is a terrible thing, but the fact that he is being celebrated for taking his own life because he is a ex-NFL player is absurd when soldiers come back from overseas, have given their life, with a solemn private ceremony in the corner of middle America and are essentially ignored.

I’m back

So, I think I am finally over the debacle that was the National Championship game. I know many outlets have already discussed everything, so I won’t spend much time on this. LSU was pathetic. 44 offensive plays is just beyond pathetic. The most amazing thing is that Miles can look like he is in control of everything from players academics to how many rushes each back gets in some games, then look completely lost in the NC. Not even I will try and suggest LSU deserves a piece of the NC, it is so weird how boring 13-1 and the SEC champs is sounds.

Baseball Offseason

Baseball looks like it will be pretty interesting (well except for Cubs fans), and spring training isn’t that far away. In regards to the Cubs, it seems obvious that Theo realizes the Cubs need an overhaul. Z is gone, thankfully, and it wouldn’t be that surprising if Soriano gets dealt as well, even if they have to absorb much of his contract. Malholm and Travis Wood are nice pieces, and they should have a pretty solid rotation. Nothing spectacular, but solid. The lineup will not be much more than average, at best. If Rizzo, good trade, can develop at all then they might be a little surprising, but more than 75 wins just doesn’t seem possible. Although, the Central got a lot weaker with all the off-season moves. Reds are my pick to win.

Rangers sign Darvish, Tigers sign Fielder to a massive deal, Pujols to the Angels, and Reyes to the Marlins.

Unless Darvish is nasty, then the Rangers could make the Series again, and maybe win. However, he is likely Matsuzaka all over again, and with the Rangers losing Wilson they may take a step back, but Feliz as a starter could be a wild card. Bold Prediction: Hamilton and Cruz spend significant time on the DL.

I think the Fielder signing is a questionable. I think he is overpaid and they made a knee-jerk reaction with Vmart got hurt. They probably think their window is small with Miggy and Verlander, so they went for it, so if I were a Tiger fan I would applaud. So, it boils down to, do you mortgage the future for a shot at a title? If it involves only money and no prospects (trade) I say yes. Still, does Fielder really push them over the top? Depends on Scherzer and Fister.

Angles could be insane, previously mentioned Wislon and Pujols added to an already strong squad that will probably get Morales back in some form during the season with the reigning AL ROY. I’m not an Angles fan, but they are my AL pick. Wells and Hunter are way over the hill, but they are what the Rangers have tried to be. Able to put up the longball and a DEEP rotation, it rivals the Phillies.

Soccer is never over

As a soccer fan I have been slacking, I actually planned to go to the MNT game in Arizona, but this girl was very convincing to get me to go somewhere else. However, two 1-0 wins over Panama and Venezuela with our, B-, C team is pretty nice.

Dempsey is on a tear in Europe. Ream got approved to Bolton, and Landycakes is frolicking around in Europe for a bit as well. Things are starting to get some level of promising. Let us all hope Holden will come back in the same form he was before he got injured. I am starting to waiver on my man crush for Charlie Davies. Granted he probably needed a full MLS season to just adjust his body and mentality back to soccer.


I am going to beat my chest for a second. The Clippers got Paul, and things have gone as I predicted with Kaman gone and Jordan getting more PT. It stung a little that they had to deal Gordon, but they have looked legit. Caron has been very nice so far as well. When either Chauncey or Mo are playing well they are tough to beat, but it seems obvious that Chauncey is essentially a Derek Fisher type player at this point in his career. Seasoned Vet that isn’t afraid to take the game winner, but can’t be counted on 15 a night anymore.

Football Americana

With the Super Bowl around the corner I think it will be interesting. Giants probably have the best pass rush in the NFL. Kiwanuka, JPP, Osi, and Tuck is a ridiculous surplus of pass rushers. They should be able to make Brady uncomfortable, and I don’t think it will be as easy for the Pats to make Eli comfortable. I think the game will be close and high scoring. I guess I’ll go giants because I like and underdog and one of my best friends is a Giants fan.

Also, the ‘Hoodie’, Bill Belichick has lost it. He officially thinks he can do no wrong. With that said, hard to question the guy who keeps getting to super bowls. Still, Aaron Hernandez at RB? What? I’ll say this, kudos, inserting something weird into an offense can do wonders in the short term. This has been proven with the Wildcat and Tebow. So, if the point of the Hernandez thing is to screw with D coordinators in the playoffs, then the hoodie just wins, but I will vomit if this becomes a thing for a season. If I see Randy McMichael running a draw next year I will write letters to everyone involved.

My pick for MVP is Eli. If you are done calling me crazy, ignorant, or retarded, listen to why. His stats are impressive, and similar to those of Brees, Rodgers, and Brady.
Here are their 4 stat lines:


QB 1: 502 343 68.3 4,643 9.25 93 45 6 36 122.5 310

QB 2: 589 359 61.0 4,933 8.38 99 29 16 28 92.9 308

QB 3: 657 468 71.2 5,476 8.34 79 46 14 24 110.6 342

QB 4: 611 401 65.6 5,235 8.57 99 39 12 32 105.6 327

Honestly, if you gave it to Rodgers no one can argue that, but what Flynn did to the terrible Lions secondary has to mean something, or maybe the Pack put something in the QBs water bottles. Same goes with Cassell a few years ago in NE, and then his average performance with the Chiefs.

Europe finally does something right besides the Spice Girls

My last thought is about how much more interesting American sports would be with regulating teams. Specifically MLB and NBA. Regulation is demoting and promoting teams based on record. They do it with Soccer in many of the leagues in Europe. It would force owners in baseball to care MUCH more about team quality than profit margin.

Imagine if the Cubs finished 62-100 and got regulated to AAA or whatever it would be called. There would be an uproar, and changes would be demanded. Games late in the season for lesser teams would be playoff like atmosphere. It would be hilarious if the Cubs and Mariners played each other with 5 games left and everyone cared.

Obviously there are many issues with adopting this in the US. One obvious negative is there couldn’t really be a salary cap as each team would be an independent entity that acquires talent based in its own measures, and revenue. So, it probably wouldn’t do much to stop the Yankees from buying championships, but forcing owners to care about winning over all else might close the gap significantly. I do however, think it would be easy in the NBA. There are already rather successful basketball teams overseas that would make adopting this model easy. It is obvious that sports have become international. The longer both the NBA and foreign basketball associations grow separately the worse it is for the both. What if the US had 10 or 15 teams and competed internationally. They could capitalize on so much more. I know I would care more about the NBA. If nothing but blind patriotism. I mean, I watch the Olympics because because heaven forbid the USA loses to Saudia Arabia in horseshoes or some stupid game that only 3% of the world plays. The same would apply, but for more people, if LA is facing off against Rome in a battle for 1st place in an international division.

Things that have happened in the last few weeks you don’t know, but should care about.

The point of this post should be obvious by the title.

US Soccer

The US Men’s Under 17 soccer team did very well at the Nike Friendlies.  They tied France and beat Turkey which are good results to typical world powers.  They played Brazil in their last game and defeated the Brazilians 3-1.  So,  In a week they beat Turkey and Brazil which are very encouraging wins.  If you follow international soccer at all, then you probably know that it is typically a long process to overhaul a system like this.  Hopefully, this is foreshadowing the talent on the team, and future success.

Along with this, US striker, Jozy Altidore,  had 4 goals all last season with Villareal, but with AZ Alkmaar he already has 5, with a few of them being ‘good’ soccer goals as opposed to cleaning up garbage.  He is still pretty young, 22, so the hope is things are coming together.

Log Angeles Clippers

The last few days there have been a flurry of activity in the world of Baseball and Basketball.  The story that hasn’t been talked about enough is what the Clippers have tried to do, and what they have done.  The Clip have been involved in the attempts to get Chris Paul.  According to multiple sources they have made legitimate offers and tried to make a move for the talented PG.  The reason this is news is because this is the first time you have heard in a long time the Clip believing they could contend for anything (The Clippers contending for a 6th seed is equivalent to a championship for many teams).  If you are a sports fan watching a Clippers game would be a fun activity.  CP3 weaving through traffic and tossing a no-look lob to Mr. Griffin.  Could have been a thing of beauty.  Now to what they have done.  They signed Caron Butler to a 3 year $24 million deal.  He has had some injury concerns last few years, but for hope sake let us assume he will be healthy and play 70ish (or 50 this year) games.  The Clippers would start:

PG- Mo Williams ppg 14 apg 6.6

SG- Eric Gordon  ppg 22.3 apg 4.4

SF- Caron Butler ppg 15.4 rpg 4.1

PF- Mr. Blake Griffin ppg 22.5 rpg 12.1

C- Chris Kaman ppg 12.4 rpg 7.o

I think Kaman is kind of garbage. 12 and 7 is not bad, but Deandre Jordan is a better option for many reasons including he can jump, he doesn’t look like he hates his life when he is on the court, and he doesn’t look like he hates his life when he is on the court.  The Clippers could be a big problem for many teams in general, but if they play Mr. Griffin at the 5 and Butler or Gomes at the 4 with the other at the 3, they could have a very athletic and gifted scoring team.  Now, I recognize ppg aren’t the end all be all of a successful team, just ask the Rockets when they had Tracy Mcgrady, but the starting 5 is impressive.  Bledsoe, Gomes, and Jordan off the bench aren’t bad.  For those reasons the Clip improve off their 32 wins last year to reach 32 again this year because of the lockout shorten season.  <– Odd.

Urban Meyer is already getting advantages

Ohio State is being allowed to exceed the maximum number of coaches (10) for the rest of the season.  Current head coach Luke Fickell is preparing the team for their match up with… wait for it… Urban Meyer’s previous coaching stop, the Florida Gators.  So, while every other head coach in America has to prepare for a bowl game, if they are in one, Meyer gets to ignore all of that so he can go around the country to recruit.  This is a blatant advantage for Meyer.  No one has ever accused the NCAA of being fair or logical, so just add this to that list of evidence

Props to Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller is the last hope for Americans who like Hockey (sort of).  He dominated the Olympics for the Americans, only losing in overtime to the America’s hat (Canada), with a GAA of 1.35 (very good).  In the NHL he is the Buffalo Sabres net minder, and recently came back from an injury.  This happened on his very first game back: <–Can't add as a link for some reason.

Jordin Tootoo is very well known for being an enforcer in the NHL.  He is a scrappy guy that doesn't possess many above-average hockey skills other than being tough, willing to fight, and does well when trying to agitate the other team.  Take the video how you want, but Tootoo leaves his feet and seems to explode into Miller.  Tootoo argued he tried to avoid Miller, but with Tootoo's history it seems unlikely.  Typically, the team will rush back to protect the goalie, kind of an unwritten rule in hockey.  What is incredible about the incident is that Miller, a goalie, immediately reacts with pummeling Tootoo.  Got to love that.

1st Post, College Football Post Season, Tebow

What is interesting about me regurgitating a post about who I should face LSU in the NCG?  If you come across this you likely are pretty knowledgeable on sports and unless I have some crazy view on this you will think I am some homerish college football fan and disregard what I say.

A few thoughts:

Alabama is the only team that has a reasonable chance to beat LSU.  It might even be 55/45.  However, they don’t deserve the chance.  So, it boils down to what you believe the NCG should be.  Best two teams, or most deserving teams.

Oklahoma St. would be blown out.  Blackmon and Weeden are great, but you really think LSU’s secondary wouldn’t roll coverage and make them do something else?  The D is just pathetic.  But, they are deserving, and in my opinion deserve the chance.

Playoff is necessary and inevitable.  However, TV contracts will prolong this terrible process.

CFB is also down this year.  Stanford showed they don’t have people on the outside to be really competitive.  Oregon can dominate defenses that aren’t really good, and I already covered Okla St.  As much as this pains me to admit, the team outside of Alabama that would concern me that most as an LSU fan is USC (Trojans).  Barkley is good, Lee and Woods might be top 20 picks when they come out.  They can also run the ball and play enough defense to severely limit an O for periods of a game.  With that said USC should always be a threat, way too easy to recruit to that school with everything considered.


Dude wins, as inexplicable as it might be, he just does.  I’m willing to admit when I am wrong.  Thought it was all smoke and mirrors at UF, but he won.  I think it is possible that we just don’t have a large enough sample size in the NFL yet, look at who he has played as a starter: OT win @ Miami, destroyed by the Lions, Wins @ KC and Oak, win vs NYJ, OT win @ SD, and a W in Minnesota. The record of teams he has started against is 36-36 (few games not yet played).  All of these teams can’t decide if they are good or not.  Without going in depth on those teams, remember Vincent Young.  He won ROY and made the All Star team although he had the worst numbers of any QB ever to make it to Hawaii.  He started fast, and eventually was run out of town.  The biggest difference in the two is their mental capacities.  VY crumbled when things got tough; from day one Timmy has had to push through adversity.  If Tim fails, it won’t be because he couldn’t do it mentally, or wouldn’t work hard enough, it will simply be a physical thing.  I still can’t believe NFL teams won’t be able to stop him from running the ball.  That barely works in CFB.  In the Minnesota game, Thomas was literally running around wide open.  I think concerns about Tebow are well documented and legitimate, but no one can argue 6-1.


P.S. he will make an incredible pastor or whatever when he gives up football.